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Net Worth $1Million
Name Amber Laura Heard
Occupation Actress
Date Of Birth April 22, 1986
Place Of Birth Austin, Taxas
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Name Johnny Depp (2015-17)

Amber Heard also known as Amber Laura Heard is an American Actor, humanitarian, and model. On 22 April 1986 Amber Heard was born in a city named Austin, Texas, United States.

Her mother Patricia Paige was an internet researcher and her father David Clinton Heard, had a construction business.

Whitney Heard is her younger sister. She started her career as a model then she became a successful actor in Hollywood. She did many popular films Like Aquaman, The Rum Diary, Zombieland, etc.

Amber married Johnny Depp in 2015. Later they both got divorced in 2017. She also has a cute daughter Oonagh Paige Heard.

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In this post we will discuss about Amber Heard net worth 2023, Amber Heard movies list, Amber Heard johnny depp, Amber Heard and Elon Musk, Amber Heard Aquaman , Amber Heard Aquaman 2, Ambere Heard wiki and bio.

Amber Heard net worth 2023 is $1 million. She earns money from films, brand endorsements, and other sources. In Post we will also discuss previous year Amber Heard net worth.

Amber Heard Net Worth 2022

Amber’s current Net worth 2022 is estimated around $3-6 from all of her sources.

She earned money through her acting, brand endorsements, and other sources. $12 million was her net worth in 2021.

Early Life

Amber Heard is an American Actress, humanitarian, social activist, and model as well. On 22 April 1986 in Austin, Texas she was born.

Patricia Paige an internet researcher and David Clinton Heard a construction businessman were her parents. Her family lived outside Austin.

In his free time, his father trained the horse so she grew up riding horses, fishing, and hunting. She dropped out of the Catholic High School to pursue her acting career.

She also participated in beauty contests. Also through a home study course, she did a diploma.

Amber Heard Movies List

Amber Heard do a number of movies as well as TV serieals. So here we talk about Amber Heard movies list.

Heard did her first sports drama movie “Friday Night Lights” in 2004 in which she did the minor role of Maria.
“Side FX” was her next film ( in which she played the role of Shay), and “Drop Dead Sexy” (in which she played a supporting actor role as Candy) in 2005.
“Price to Pay” ( in which she played the role of Trish), “Alpha Dog” (played the role of Alma), “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” (in which she had her first leading role as Mandy Lane. This was a horror movie.) in 2006.
“Spin” (in this she played the role of Amber.), “Day 73 with Sarah” ( this was the short film in which she acted as Mary), and “Remember the Daze” ( acted as Julia Ford) in 2007.

“Never Back Down”( was a martial art drama in which she played the role of Baja Miller), and “Pineapple Express” (played the role of Angie Anderson) in 2008.

ExTerminators ( in which she played the role of Nikki), “The Joneses” (in this movie she played the role of Jenn Jones), Zombieland ( act as a 406 and this was a box office hit movie) “The Stepfather” in 2009.

“Drive Angry” (she played the role of Piper. This was a supernatural action thriller) and ” The Rum Diary” (in which she played Chenault) in 2011.

“Syrup”, “Paranoia”, and “Machete Kills” in 2013. “13 Days to Kill” ( This was the commercially successful action thriller in which she played the supporting role as Agent Vivi Delay.) in 2014.

“The Adderall Diaries” ( in which she played the role of Lana Edmond opposite James Franco and Ed Harris.

It was an independent crime thriller.) “One More Time” ( in this she acted as Jude opposite Christopher Walker which was aired on ‘Starz’), and in “Magic Mike XXL” she played the role of Zoe in 2015.

“Her Smell”( in which she acted as Zelda E. Zekiel), “Aquaman” ( co-starred Jason Momoa in this movie she had her first major role in a studio film. This film received mixed reviews) in 2018.

She did Gully in 2019 in which she played the role of Joyce
Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021
Amber Heard’s next upcoming movie is “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (Aquaman 2). This will be released in December 2023. Amber Heard movies list is not so easy to complete but I tried my best to complete it.

Amber Heard Aquaman

amber heard net worth

Amber Heard Aquaman movie was directed by James Wan. The screenplay by David, Leslie, Johnson-McGoldrick, and Will Beall.

The Story was written by Geoff Johns, James Wan, and Will Beall and based on characters from DC The film was Produced by Peter Safran and Rob Cowan.

Jason Mamoa was the lead character. the other supporting characters are Amber Heard, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen as a film starring.

Amber Heard Aquaman was released on December 21, 2018 (United States). The film’s Budget was around $160–200 million. This film was a Box office hit movie and earned about $1.149 billion.

Amber Heard Aquaman 2

amber heard net worth

As I mentioned in the above lines Amber Heard Aquaman 2 (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) is the upcoming sequel to the 2018 superhero movie Aquaman.

This movie is directed by James Wan. In this movie, Jason Momoa is the leading character.

The movie’s storyline is not yet known, but the director has said it will explore more of Aquaman’s underwater world.

The Filming of this movie began in June 2021. In 2022 the filming was concluded in January. The shooting of Aquaman 2 was taken place in different locations.

The places where the shooting was conducted are – the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Hawaii.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie’s release date was delayed several times, and it is now set to release on December 20, 2023.

TV Shows

She did the “Jack & Bobby” drama in 2004 in which she played Liz and “The Mountain Riley” drama as well.

In 2005 she played the role of a sales girl in “The O.C” drama.
Later she did “Criminal Minds ” which act as Lila Archer in 2006.

After that, she did “Californication” as Amber and “Hidden Palms”‘ an 8-episode series in which she played the role of Greta Matthews.

In 2010 “The Cleveland Show” and then she did “The Playboy Club” a series of 7 episodes in which she played the role of Bunny Maureen in 2011.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp

amber heard net worth

Amber Heard Johnny Depp first worked in 2009 in the film The Rum Diary where they start dating each other.

After several years they both married in a private ceremony at their house in LA. In 2015 Heard filed for divorce from Depp by saying that he physically abused her.

The conflict between Amber Heard Johnny Depp has been a highly publicized and controversial issue.

Allegations of domestic violence have been made by both parties, and there have been legal proceedings and public statements made by both sides.

In 2018, Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, and the case has been in the public eye ever since.

There have been multiple legal proceedings related to this case, including defamation lawsuits and libel suits, as well as public statements and media coverage.

The situation is complex and multifaceted, and it is up to the legal system to determine the facts and reach a just resolution.

It is important to remember that domestic violence is a serious issue that affects many people, and it should not be taken lightly.

It is also important to approach the situation with empathy, respect, and understanding for all involved.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp are two Hollywood celebrities who were once married but have since become embroiled in a highly publicized legal battle.

In 2011 they both met with each other on the movie set named “The Rum Diary” in 2011. After that they got married in 2015.

However, their relationship was marked by allegations of domestic violence and substance abuse.

In 2016, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Depp and obtained a temporary restraining order against him, accusing him of physical abuse.

Depp denied the allegations and claimed that Heard was trying to extort him for money.

The couple eventually settled their divorce in 2017 with Heard receiving a $7 million settlement, which she donated to charity.

The legal battle continued in 2018 when Depp sued Heard for defamation over an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post, in which she discussed the issue of domestic violence.

The case went to trial in 2020, with both Depp and Heard testifying and presenting evidence. In November 2020, the court ruled against Depp, finding that he had physically abused Heard during their relationship.

The case has been highly controversial and has divided fans and the entertainment industry. Some have criticized Heard for her alleged involvement in the abuse, while others have supported her as a survivor of domestic violence.

Depp has also faced backlash from fans and colleagues, with some calling for his removal from future projects.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

amber heard net worth

Elon Musk the founder of companies like SpaceX, Tesla, etc. In 2013 Amber Heard and Elon Musk first met each other on the set of “Machete Kills”. In this, she played as lead and Elon Musk had only a cameo appearance.

After that, Amber Heard and Elon Musk both remained friends. After that, Amber heard and Elon Musk both

Seth Rogen.

In addition to her acting career, Heard has been in a legal battle with her former husband, Johnny Depp. In 2019, Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation, claiming that she falsely accused him of domestic violence.

However, in 2021, a judge ruled in favor of Heard, stating that Depp did not provide enough evidence to support his claims.

It’s important to note that these are two different issues and that Heard’s role in “Pineapple Express” is unrelated to her legal battle with Depp.

Amber Heard’s Social Media Accounts

Amber Heard Instagram account has 5.2m Followers, 53 Following, and about 1156 posts. Heard deactivated her Twitter account after his ex Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Awards And Nominations

In 2008 Amber Heard won the “Young Hollywood Awards” it was the ‘Breakthrough of the Year’.

She was nominated for “The Detroit Film Critics Society Awards” for the film ‘Zombieland’ in 2009.

In 2010 she the Star award for “Dallas International Film Festival”.

She also won the “Spotlight Award” for the film ‘The Rum Diary’ in 2011.
In 2014 she won the “Texas Film Hall of Fame” Award.

Amber Heard was nominated for the “London Fields” MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2019.

She was also nominated for the film Aquaman for Best Kiss and “Saturn Awards” for Best Supporting Actress.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What movies has Amber Heard appeared in?

Amber Heard is an American actress who has appeared in numerous films throughout her career. Some of her most notable movies include “Aquaman,” “The Rum Diary,” “Zombieland: Double Tap,” “Magic Mike XXL,” and “The Danish Girl,” among others.

Does Amber Heard support any charitable causes?

Yes, Amber Heard is involved in several charitable causes. She has been an advocate for women’s rights, particularly raising awareness about domestic and sexual violence against women. She is also a supporter of LGBTQ rights and has been involved in animal welfare organizations.

What awards has Amber Heard won for her acting work?

Amber Heard has been nominated for several awards for her acting work. She won the Spotlight Award at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2008 for her performance in “The Informers.” She has also been nominated for the Young Hollywood Awards and the Teen Choice Awards.

Has Amber Heard acted in any television shows?

Yes, Amber Heard has acted in several television shows throughout her career. She had a recurring role in the NBC drama “The Playboy Club” and played Nadine Cross in the TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand.” She also appeared as a guest star on “Top Gear.”

What is known about Amber Heard’s personal life?

Amber Heard’s personal life has been the subject of much media attention, particularly her tumultuous relationship and divorce from Johnny Depp. However, outside of that, she prefers to keep her personal life private. Amber has spoken publicly about her experiences with domestic abuse and the importance of speaking out against it, and she remains committed to using her platform to raise awareness about important issues.

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