Discover Rachel Sennott Net Worth 2023: The Rising Star in Hollywood’s Spotlight, her Success, Wiki and Bio

Net Worth $0.2 Million
Name Rachel Anne Sennott
Occupation Actress and Comedian
Date of Birth September 19, 1995
Place of Birth Simsbury Connecticut, US
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Height 1.60m (5ft 3in)

Rachel Sennott is an American actress and comedian. She was born on November 29, 1993, in New York City, New York. Sennott gained recognition for her work in comedy, particularly through her stand-up performances and online content.

Sennott made her acting debut in 2018 with a role in the independent film “Shiva Baby,” directed by Emma Seligman. The film received critical acclaim, and Sennott’s performance was praised for her comedic timing and portrayal of a young woman navigating a complicated family gathering. Following the success of “Shiva Baby,” Sennott’s career began to gain momentum.

In addition to her film work, Rachel Sennott has appeared in television shows. She had a recurring role in the comedy series “High Maintenance” and made guest appearances in “Search Party” and “The Boys.” Sennott continues to actively pursue her acting career, and she has been involved in various projects across different mediums.

Welcome back to our new post about Rachel Sennott. In this post we will discuss about Rachel Sennot net worth 2023, Rachel sennott movies and TV Shows, Rachel Sennott Boyfriend, Rachel Sennott parents, Rachel sennott height, weight and much more.

Rachel Sennott Net Worth 2023: A Look into the Actress’s Financial Success



Rachel Sennott net worth 2023 is estimated to be $200 thousand. Her net worth in 2021 was also $200 thousand, showing no significant change from the previous year’s net worth of $100 thousand.


Early Life of Rachel Sennott: From Childhood Dreams to Stardom


After Rachel Sennott net worth 2023 we will discuss her early life. Rachel Anne Sennott, born on September 19, 1995, in Simsbury, Connecticut, is a talented actress and comedian.

Raised in a Catholic household by her parents, Jack and Donna Sennott, Rachel comes from a mixed Italian and Irish heritage. Growing up, she enjoyed the company of her brother Brian and her three sisters, Anna, Lizzie, and Katherine.


During her formative years in Simsbury, Rachel attended Simsbury High School before pursuing her passion for the arts at the renowned Tisch School of Arts, part of New York University, in 2014.


It was during her first year of college that Rachel discovered her love for stand-up comedy. She began performing at open mic nights, honing her skills and captivating audiences with her unique brand of humor.

Despite her growing success in acting, Rachel continued to pursue stand-up comedy, frequently taking to the stage for open mic performances. Even after graduating from college, she remained dedicated to her comedic craft, sharing her wit and jokes on Twitter, where she gained a following for her daily comedic posts.


Rachel Sennott’s commitment to both acting and comedy has propelled her career forward. Her talent and hard work paid off when she landed a role in the acclaimed film “Hostess.” With her infectious sense of humor and undeniable acting prowess, Sennott aspires to establish her presence and carve out a notable reputation within the entertainment industry.


Exploring Rachel Sennott’s Personal Life: Relationships and Hobbies



Rachel Sennott, a talented American actress and comedian, was born on September 19, 1995, in Simsbury, Connecticut. With her Virgo zodiac sign, she has showcased her exceptional talent and versatility in the entertainment industry. Rachel attended Simsbury High School and later pursued her passion for the arts at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

She comes from a Catholic background and has a mixed heritage of Irish and Italian descent. Rachel’s unique background and upbringing have contributed to her captivating performances and rising success in Hollywood.


Sennott divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City, which allows her to be involved in various projects in both locations. During the COVID-19 pandemic quarantines, Sennott played a significant role in popularizing front-facing camera comedy.

She also introduced the term “soft launching” in social media circles, referring to the practice of subtly tagging new relationships on Instagram without making explicit announcements. In June 2020, she participated in a livestream event that aimed to raise funds for the Black Trans Travel Fund.


Unveiling the Vital Stats and Favorites of Talented Actress Rachel Sennott: Rachel Sennot Height, Age, Weight, and More!


Rachel Sennott  height stands at approximately 160 cm tall, or 1.60 meters, which is equivalent to 5′ 3″ in feet and inches. Rachel Sennot’s weight is approximately 49 kg. She has captivating blue eyes and beautiful brown hair.

When it comes to food, she enjoys sushi, and her go-to beverage is an Iced Oat Latte. In terms of actresses, Sennott admires Jennifer Coolidge and Bella Thorne. Among her favorite films are “Black Swan” (2010) and “Thoroughbreds” (2017). Dua Lipa is the singer she appreciates, and “Hopelessly Devoted to You” by Olivia Newton-John is a song she holds dear.

As for TV series, she enjoyed “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” (2021). One of her favorite cartoons is “The Powerpuff Girls” (1998). Sennott has a passion for traveling, and her preferred destinations include Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, New York, Toronto, Boston, and Budapest.


Who Is Rachel Sennott Boyfriend? Unveiling Her Romantic Relationship


After the Career now we will discuss about Rachel Sennott boyfriend. Despite her candid nature on social media, where she even openly shared accidentally stabbing herself in the leg, Rachel Sennott doesn’t often focus on men in her comedy routines. Interestingly, Rachel Sennott boyfriend inspired her to pursue a career in comedy at her college as she mentions once , her Instagram feed predominantly features flattering pictures and close friends rather than romantic relationships.

However, keen followers of her Twitter account have noticed recent references to a mystery boy, including tweets about introducing friends to your boyfriend’s friends and expressing admiration for Dua Lipa. These tweets have been surfacing since December 8, 2020, when she mentioned having a “new boyfriend” alongside the unfortunate occurrence of a urinary tract infection. While Rachel hasn’t explicitly revealed the identity of this mystery man, those who explore her tagged posts on Instagram may have come across pictures of her with Logan Miller.

Logan, like Rachel, is an actor known for notable works such as “Love, Simon” and “Escape Room.” The connection between Rachel and Logan has sparked intrigue among fans, adding an air of mystery to Rachel’s personal life.


Rachel Sennott  Parents,  Siblings: Insights into Her Closest Relationships

rachel sennott net worth

After Rachel Sennott boyfriend now we will discuss about Rachel Sennott parents and siblings. Rachel Sennott hails from a background of Irish and Italian ancestry. Raised in Simsbury, Connecticut, by her Catholic parents, Donna and Jack Sennott, Rachel’s strong family ties remained intact even after her move to Manhattan, New York. 

Out of Rachel Sennott parents her father, a Democrat, held a prominent position as the vice president and chief corporate strategy officer of Allied World Holdings, Ltd. The Sennott family is a large one, consisting of Rachel and her four siblings: the eldest, Katherine, and her younger siblings Brian, Anna, and Lizzie Sennott. During her childhood, Rachel was affectionately called “sticky” by her parents due to her tendency to have a little snot under her nose or a slightly damp shirt.

Drawing a connection between the words “sticky” and “treacly,” she cleverly adopted the Instagram handle “treaclychild” as a nod to her childhood nickname.


 Rachel Sennott Movies and TV Shows: A Stellar Acting Portfolio

    rachel sennott net worth

After Rachel Sennott Parents and sipbilings now we will discuss about Rachel Sennott movies and TV shows. We will discuss Rachel Sennott movies and TV shows one by one.

Rachel Sennott Movies


Sennott has showcased her acting prowess in various projects throughout her career. In 2018, she appeared in the short film “Shiva Baby” as Danielle. She continued to make waves in 2020, starring as Hannah Rosen in “Tahara ” and reprising her role as Danielle in the critically acclaimed film “Shiva Baby,” where she also served as an executive producer.

Sennott’s talent shone in 2022 with her roles in the short film “Appendage” as Ella and in “Bodies Bodies Bodies’ ‘ as Alice. In 2023, she has exciting projects in the pipeline, including “Bottoms,” where she not only stars as PJ but also showcases her screenwriting skills, and “I Used to Be Funny” as Sam.

Additionally, Sennott has a post-production film titled “Finalmente l’alba” and an upcoming project titled “Holland, Michigan.” With her diverse range of roles and undeniable talent, Sennott continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry.


TV Shows


Sennott has made memorable appearances in various television shows, showcasing her versatility as an actress. In 2018, she graced the screen in an episode titled “Namaste” of the popular series “High Maintenance.” Continuing her television journey, Sennott portrayed Rachel in three episodes of “Ayo and Rachel Are Single” in 2020,  left an indelible marks on viewers. She also made an appearance in the show “Taking the Stage” in the same year.

Sennott’s presence extended beyond acting as she appeared as herself in the series “Speak Up” in 2020. One of her notable television roles came in 2021, where she played Jackie Raines in 13 episodes of the show “Call Your Mother.” Looking ahead, Sennott has an exciting project lined up, as she takes on a supporting role as Leia in the upcoming television series “The Idol,” further solidifying her position in the entertainment industry.


Rachel Sennott: From Indie Films to Mainstream Success


After Rachel Sennott movies and TV shows now we will discuss her indie flims to meinstrem success. Sennott has made the most of her free time by achieving remarkable success.

Alongside her notable performance in a critically acclaimed independent comedy film (Shiva Baby), which has garnered immense popularity in the US, she has also become a renowned stand-up comedian. Additionally, she creates delightfully silly online sketches and is widely regarded as one of the funniest personalities on social media. Her posts consist of cleverly provocative selfies, thought-provoking observations that challenge slut-shaming, and astute commentaries on modern life. In a significant career shift last year, Sennott successfully transitioned to the mainstream, securing a leading role in a US network sitcom titled “Call Your Mother.”


 Rachel Sennott’s Journey in Hollywood: Achievements and Aspirations


Sennott’s talent and dedication have been recognized through various prestigious awards and accolades. In 2020, she was honored at the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival as a Rising Star for her exceptional performance in “Shiva Baby,” earning her a well-deserved win. Her remarkable breakthrough in the industry led to a nomination for Breakthrough Actor at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in 2021.

Additionally, Sennott received a nomination for Best Actress at the Hollywood Critics Association Midseason Awards, solidifying her position as a rising talent. Her commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by her association with The ReFrame Stamp, which recognizes outstanding achievement in narrative feature films.

With her notable achievements and continuous pursuit of excellence, Sennott’s future in the entertainment industry looks exceptionally promising.




Rachel Sennott embarked on her comedy career during her college years, where she discovered her passion for comedy after attending an open mic night on a date.

While studying acting at NYU Tisch, she continued to pursue comedy by performing at open mic nights and acting in student films. Notably, she portrayed the lead role of Danielle in the 2017 short film “Shiva Baby” by Emma Seligman, which she later reprised in the 2020 feature film adaptation.


In 2018, feeling a lack of control over her career, Sennott turned to Twitter comedy as an outlet, sharing short jokes and posting multiple times a day. She quickly gained popularity and transitioned to the alternative comedy scene, securing a regular gig on the show “It’s A Guy Thing.

” Sennott’s distinct comedic voice, characterized by her “messy” persona and satirical takes on millennial life, resonated with audiences. In 2019, she was recognized as one of the top comedians in the alt scene by Time Out New York and PopDust.


Sennott also made appearances on television, starring in HBO’s “High Maintenance” and portraying Jackie Raines on “Call Your Mother.” She collaborated with Ayo Edebiri to develop Comedy Central series, leading to the creation of “Ayo and Rachel Are Single” and “Taking the Stage,” which aired in 2020.

Additionally, she participated in the web comedy-documentary series “Speak Up,” which aimed to amplify female voices in comedy.


2021–present: Transition to Feature Films


After Rachel Sennott movies and TV shows we will discuss her career after 2021. Sennott ventured into the world of feature films, landing leading roles in notable projects. In the 2020 films “Tahara” and “Shiva Baby,” she portrayed Hannah Rosen and Danielle, respectively. Despite not being Jewish or queer, Sennott’s performances in these queer Jewish coming-of-age narratives received critical acclaim.

Her portrayal of Danielle in “Shiva Baby” particularly stood out, earning praise from reviewers who considered it a star-making performance.


Continuing her success in the film industry, Sennott starred as Alice in “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” a unique A24 slasher film infused with comedy and social satire. Her performance in the film garnered widespread acclaim, with critics highlighting her ability to inject a wide range of emotions and steal the show.


In 2023, Sennott reunited with director Emma Seligman and collaborator Ayo Edebiri for the teen sex comedy film “Bottoms,” which premiered at SXSW and received critical acclaim. She also appeared in the tragicomedy “I Used to Be Funny,” earning praise for her heartbreaking and gracefully balanced performance.


Looking ahead, Sennott is set to appear in Saverio Costanzo’s period drama “Finalmente L’alba” (Finally, Dawn Has Come) and HBO’s “The Idol.” Her career continues to thrive as she showcases her talent and versatility in both comedy and film.


Rachel Sennott social media handles


After Rachel Sennott Movies and TV shows now we will discuss about her social media handles. Rachel, a Twitter influencer with 137k followers, identifies herself as “unconventionally alluring in a uniquely melancholic manner.” On her Instagram handle, ‘Rachel Anne Sennott,’ she captivates an engaged audience of nearly 55k followers.




In this post we have discussed about Rachel Sennot net worth 2023, Rachel sennott movies and TV Shows, Rachel Sennott Boyfriend, Rachel Sennott parents, Rachel sennott height, weight and much more.

Rachel Sennott is a rising star in Hollywood, known for her exceptional talent in both acting and comedy. With her breakout role in the critically acclaimed film “Shiva Baby,” Sennott’s career has been on a steady rise. She has appeared in various television shows and continues to actively pursue projects in both Los Angeles and New York City.

With her captivating performances, notable awards and nominations, and a strong presence on social media, Sennott is poised for even greater success in the entertainment industry.

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Frequently Asked Question


Who are Rachel Sennott’s parents?

Rachel Sennott is an actress and comedian. Her parents are Jack and Dona sennott. Jack is a democrat, held a prominent position as the vice president and chief corporate strategy officer of Allied World Holding, Ltd.

Where did Rachel Sennott go to college?

Rachel Sennott attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she pursued her studies in acting and theater. Tisch School of the Arts is a renowned institution known for its comprehensive arts programs and has produced many successful actors and performers.

Did Rachel Sennott write “Shiva Baby”?

No, Rachel Sennott did not write “Shiva Baby.” “Shiva Baby” is a critically acclaimed independent film directed by Emma Seligman, and Rachel Sennott portrayed the lead role of Danielle in the movie. Although Rachel Sennott is a talented actress, she did not have involvement in the writing process of “Shiva Baby.”

Who are Rachel Sennott’s true parents?

Rachel Sennott’s true parents are not publicly known. But as per the information on the Internet they are Jack and Dona Sonnett.

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