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Hollywood Star Taylor Lautner's Net Worth


Rising from Sharkboy to Superstar

Taylor Lautner's career took off with his breakthrough role in the Twilight series.

Early Life and Breakthrough

The Saga that Made Him Million

Lautner's portrayal of Jacob Black secured him a significant paycheck, earning him a spot among the highest-paid actors of his time.


Earnings from Twilight Franchise


Explore Taylor Lautner's ventures outside of Twilight, including action films like "Abduction" and his involvement in TV series like "Scream Queens."

Beyond Twiligh Diverse Roles, Expanding Wealth

Beyond Twiligh 


Lautner is not just an actor but also a savvy entrepreneur. Learn about his successful business ventures, including investments in tech startups and endorsements.

Expanding His Portfolio 

Business Venture


Discover how Taylor Lautner uses his influence to make a positive impact through his involvement in charitable organizations and humanitarian efforts.

Using Fame for Good Causes 

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work


Get a glimpse into Lautner's luxurious lifestyle, including his impressive car collection, stunning properties, and extravagant vacations.

The Glamorous Life of Taylor Lautner

Lifestyle and Luxury


Find out Taylor Lautner's estimated net worth and learn how his various endeavors contribute to his ever-increasing wealth.

The Bottom Line: $40 Million and Growing!

Taylor Lautner's Net Worth

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