Unforgettable Celebrity Crushes

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Taron's Childhood Crush

Even celebrities have crushes!  Taron Egerton recently revealed his first-ever celebrity crush, Rachel Weisz. He admired her in the film 'About a Boy' and couldn't resist her stunning beaut. 

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Embarrassing Flashback

Imagine being put on the spot about your childhood crush in front of that very person!  Watch Taron's priceless reaction when Rachel discovered she held a special place in his hear. 

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Nostalgic Revelation

It turns out Rachel Weisz had her own celebrity crush too! She adored Marc Almond from the synth-pop duo Soft Cell. Let's dive into their delightful conversation about past infatuations.

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Shared Experience

Beyond crushes, Taron and Rachel discovered their shared experiences in the world of acting. They discussed their recent roles, from Taron's portrayal of a prisoner in 'Black Bird' to Rachel's stunning performance as twin gynecologists in 'Dead Ringers.'

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Shared Experience

Fans couldn't help but swoon over Taron's adorable confession about his childhood crush on Rachel Weisz.


Whether it's a childhood crush or a current infatuation, love knows no boundaries. Let's celebrate the enduring power of admiration and the memories that shape us.

Love Transcends Time